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Avast Business Products & Platforms

Choose from standalone antivirus products to complete layered protection delivered via your choice of management platform.

Antivirus Products


Essential protection that keeps any end-user device connected to the network safe from sophisticated online threats.

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Antivirus Pro

Complete device and data protection with automatic software updates, permanent file deletion, and server protection.

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Antivirus Pro Plus

All-in-one device, data, and additional identity protection to secure users and connections in open and public networks.

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Standalone Antivirus

Manage the protection of your company from each device separately without the need for a Management Console.

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Antivirus for Linux

Protect your Linux email servers, file servers or the entire network. Combine all our Linux server products into a convenient, all-in-one solution.

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Managed Security Platforms

Management Console

Cloud-based console that lets you easily deploy antivirus protection to multiple devices and manage all devices from one place.

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SaaS security platform that lets you remotely deliver layered endpoint and network security services to multiple devices and sites.

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