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All-new for 2020

Avast Cleanup for Android

The ultimate cleaner app to free up storage space, speed up performance, find poor photos, and increase your phone's battery life.


Free up storage space

Invisible cache files, temporary files, thumbnails, or old APKs.
Unused data, such as forgotten Spotify songs, saved YouTube videos, and other files you never touch.
Advertising caches, empty folders and clipboard leftovers

Optimize your photo library

Automatically find and review your worst photos so you can trim your gallery and free up space.
Get rid of duplicate, similar, old, and poor quality photos
Optimize photo size and move originals to the cloud
Pick either low compression for better print quality, or high compression to save space
Identify the ‘best photo’ out of a group

Tune up performance

Stop demanding apps from stealing all your phone's resources so your phone can work its best.
Hibernate apps to extend battery life and speed up your phone
Stop CPU, battery, memory, and traffic draining apps
Remove pre-installed bloatware and other apps you never use

Boost battery life

Get the most out of your phone’s battery so you can stay on the go longer.
Turn off phone features, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and background sync when you don’t need them
Optimize battery usage depending on where you are (home, work, car, etc) or when running low on battery

The results are in

At Avast, we run lab tests to showcase the benefits of our products. We ran benchmarks on various smartphones to compare results from before and after Avast Cleanup optimization.

2GB Before

14GB After

12 GB of space freed up after removing temporary data, blurry photos, unused apps, and more with the junk and photo cleaning functionalities.

77,382 Before

93,557 After

Score based on the phone’s ability to multitask, RAM usage, GPU speeds, and more. The higher the score, the better.

5 h Before

8.5 h After

Measured while watching a video on loop until the battery ran dry.
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