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Christina Bari
London (UK)

Having the opportunity to work on a daily basis with a diverse and engaging team has been great for my career development. It's such an exciting and fun place to work. From weekly Nerf wars to breakfast meetings and team days out, each day is different and challenging in the best way!

Christina Bari, Senior Copywriter

Ji?í Harasim
Prague (CZ)

In Avast, we have a do it ourselves approach, building what we need with the experts we have. Today, I'm responsible for the technical architecture of our VPN clients and backends. In my six years at Avast, I've worked on dozens of interesting projects, and the work has never been boring!

Tomá? Tunkl, Lead Software Engineer
VPN Engineering

Wendy Cook
Ottawa (CA)

Everyone on the team has a voice and contributes to the final product. Every department works together towards a common goal: making the best security software in the world. I also like the flexible work hours, which allow me to enjoy a real work/life balance. I love my job!

Wendy Cook, Program Manager
Avast Business

Justin Safdie
Emeryville (USA)

We’ve built something very special: a culture based on people, kindness, succeeding together, and a willingness to fail and learn—essential in the engineering world. I’m excited to come to work every day because of the incredibly smart people I get to work with and our continuous hunger to find the next big thing.

Justin Safdie, VP of Engineering
Avast Mobile

Hana Farka?
Brno (CZ)

I work as Scrum Master of the Web team, creating an environment where our developers can focus, optimize their flow, learn from each other, and build team spirit. My biggest pleasure is working with people and keeping them motivated, happy, and delivering high performance results.

Hana Farka?, Scrum Master
Information Technology

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